Hack Facebook Method 1 - Free Software to Crack Passwords

Hack Facebook for Free

Hackfacebook4free.com presents you all 5 methods to hack facebook. There are so many software that aim to hack facebook passwords online. These function differently, and it is important that you understand the process so you can make the necessary actions that will ultimately keep you safe and protected. Learning about these software also gives you an idea how passwords are created, distributed and stored. The most popular free software facebook hacking tools are - Hydra, Ophcrack, Dsniff, Rainbow Crack and John the Ripper. We Provide their particular descriptions and mode of operation with Free Download Link (No Credit Card Required). Many of them are available in both Windows and Linux version along with 32 and 64 bit support. 

Disclaimer :- Users are advised to use these software responsibly. The main intention to share this information is to create awareness about various hacking methods so that Facebook users can protect them-self from Hacking.

Hydra was developed by a group called THC or The Hacker's Choice. It is a software project that invests in dictionary attack to check for simple and weak passwords on a single or more remote hosts that function on different services. This was made as a proof-of-concept utility to show the convenience of hacking simple and poorly selected passwords. The project also supports different protocols and services, such as Firebird, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, MS-SQL, RSH, RLOGIN, SNMP, POP3, IMAP, Cisco auth, Cisco AAA, SMBNT and HTTP-PROXY among others. THC ceased production of the software in 2007 in accordance with German laws that prohibit the availability of hacking instruments to the public.

Ophcrack cracks Windows passwords through LM hashes via rainbow tables. This is a free open source software which is GPL licensed that also includes that importation of hashes from different formats, including direct dumping from Windows SAM files. On several coputers, Ophcrack can crack several passwords in just a few minutes. Alphanumeric passwords via rainbow tables are given freely by developers. Ophcrack is usually grouped with tables that let it hack passwords that are no longer than 14 characters long. This is available for download in 2 Windows XP tables. Ophcrack can crack NTLM hashes.


Download it free from here dsniff-2.3.tar.gz

Dsniff is a password sniffer created by Dug Song. It is a package of utilities that include code to parse several application protocols and acquire a variety of information. Dsniff is a set of traffic analysis tools designed for many testings. It can also crush the regular behavior of switched networks and trigger network traffic from other hosts belonging to the same network segment to be visible. It focuses on HTTP, POP, LDAP, Rlogin, NFS, Citrix ICA, NAI Sniffer, Microsoft SQL protocols, OSPF, RIP, Telnet and FTP among others.

RainbowCrack is a computer software that produces rainbow tables that can be utilized in password cracking. It is different from other brute force crackers because it utilizes big pre-computed tables known as rainbow tables that minimize the duration required to crack the password. The program was created by Zhu Shuanglei and uses an ehnaced time-memory trade-off cryptanalysis attack that started in Ophcrack. The purpose is to create rainbow tables and not to crack passwords individually.

This is a free software that cracks passwords. It runs on 15 platforms and was first developed for the UNIX OS. It combines different password crackers into a single package and autodetects hash types. It also includes a customizable cracker. It can run against different encrypted password formats like crypt password hash types found in many flavors.


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