Hack Facebook Method 4 - Tricks and Theft in Your Email

Your email account is one of the most common platforms where unscrupulous individuals can take advantage and try to get into your personal data and financial status. Facebook is another medium that has a lot of hackers lurking at different corners, considering that there are more than 500 million registered users worldwide. You have to consider the past incidences and try to find more ways to get ahead so you stay safe and secure for long.

Sending You Emails

There are several companies that send you mail and make it seem like it's originating from Facebook to gain more credibility. However, you should be aware that most of these are only after your password, so they can hack into your account and manipulate your online activities. You might be wooed by lucrative and seemingly unbelievable offers, but be wary of these because you might be changing your password for the worse. For example, AT&T has been used by hackers to get into the emails of different registered users. The email will inform clients that they have to change and verify their password for security purposes. In reality, the hackers are only waiting for users to change into the new password so they can acquire this easily, thus easily getting into the user's email account and other sites where he is registered online.

Another Incident

There was also another incident wherein an employee of the Texas Power Company hacked into the system. The hacker logged into the VPN and sent emails to members of the engineering group that mans the nuclear reactor. The hacker was posing questions regarding the safety of the reactor, should the load be increased to the maximum. The energy forecast system of the company had to be closed down for a day, resulting to about $26,000 in losses.


You should also be wary of emails that seem to blackmail or force you to change items in your account. Usually, a pop-up window will appear and ask you to click on it so you can log on to Facebook or another landing page where you can change your password. The hacker created this window and page so he can view what you typed in. The blackmail usually comes in the form of a message indicating that you will lose your profile on Facebook or some data will be revealed to the general public if you do not comply.

The Facebook Password Change

This email attack has forced millions of people worldwide to comply and change their password. Some realized that information has been changed on their accounts, while others simply can no longer log into their account. Others report having their profiles used to sell or represent items they have no idea about. Identity theft is usually the result of the stolen passwords. Make sure you verify the source first and that it truly comes from Facebook, since a lot of hackers bank on the popularity of the website to gain people's trust online to Hack Facebook.

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