Hacking Tips to Stop Identity Theft

You might be surprised to know that you have to know a bit about hacking to avoid being hacked or have your identity stolen. The most notable hacking incidents on the internet have ruined several lives and cost millions of dollars. Stop being complacent when visiting websites or registering. Make sure you are only going to reliable places on the web that will keep your personal information safe. Here are some stories on hacking and prevention.

The History of Hacking

Hacking has been around longer than computers. In fact, the activity has been existing for over a hundred years. During the 1870s, teenagers started getting private information by listening to phone conversations and hacking the communication system. Technology has changed much since and hacking activities also continued and were widely used in small operations and in war. The most notable hacking activities occurred during the past 35 years.

The biggest companies and agencies all over the world have been victims of hacking, such as the US Air Force, NASA, AT&T and several banks. Millions have been lost due to computer heists. These companies also invested heavily in security and protection programs and services just to ward off hackers. The most vulnerable individuals are actually regular consumers who visit the web on a daily basis, leaving small trails of information about themselves that unscrupulous individuals are ready to pick up anytime.

Facebook is a Target

Facebook has over 500 million users and is the largest social networking site in the world. When millions are visiting the site and leaving usernames, passwords and credit card information just anywhere, there is certainly going to be loopholes that can be discovered by hackers. Facebook has become a very vulnerable target because of the big number of users. Most of these users are also unaware of hacking activities or have no idea how to keep themselves from being easy targets.

Facebook Incidents

There was a time when a hacker managed to send emails to users indicating that they need to confirm their account because of a security breach on the website. A window appears to have people type in their password and email. The hacker can manipulate information or even steal your information afterwards. There was also another hacking incident wherein a hacker changed information on Spanish Facebook, presenting a lot of vulgarity and profanity. About one-fourth of Facebook users use very obvious or simply passwords that hackers can easily get into.

More Events

Once an account is hacked, the hacker will try to pose as the person whose identity he stole then do further damage, such as asking for cash from a contact or asking authorities to provide more information, such as your Social Security Number or your credit card number. Hackers will go to several lengths just to get what they want. It is advised that you practice caution before handing out your information on Facebook. You should also ask other friends first before leaving or always log out when using a public computer.


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