How Facebook Protects Your Passwords

As the biggest social networking site on the planet, Facebook is also subject to different hacking activities when hackers trying to hack Facebook account.  Facebook is now more serious than ever. Facebook has invested in a number of tools and processes to ensure that the 500 million users can stay safe.


Facebook primarily provides you with advice, guidelines and warnings that help you keep your password safe and protected. You might see advertisements and be sent emails on how to reinforce your password so your account remains protected for long. You should also consider password protection while creating your account. Facebook will give you tips and ask you to re-confirm and verify your password. You should try to use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and words that cannot be read when creating your password.

Share or Private?

Facebook also includes a number of features that will make it hard for unscrupulous individuals to get into your system. You can choose to share some information publicly, while others can only be shared to your closest friends and relatives. Keep in mind that Facebook has over 500 million users, so you should consider who you add and confirm as a friend or contact or else you might be sharing information with someone you cannot trust.

Password Locks

There are downloadable software and programs that allow you to lock your password on Facebook. These programs will also notify you when the last time you logged in was, and if there had been any breaches in security. The program can also be set to remind you to change your password or will use different processes that will make it harder for hackers to decipher the password. Usually, one password might be divided into two hashes or more so that it will take longer for hackers to configure. This will buy you enough time to reinforce or change your password again before they get anything significant.

Other Password Protecting Software

You can also download password protecting software to strengthen your security on Facebook. These programs are made to make the processes of hacking very complicated for unscrupulous individuals, so that ultimately, your account cannot be accessed very easily even if they invest in password cracking software. The software will give you tips on how to strengthen your password and notify you if changes have been made to your account with or without your consent. You will find these programs readily available online. Some are even recommended by Facebook.

It will only take you a couple of minutes to download and install and you can stay protected for months. You should also continually be on the lookout for new programs and modes of attack so you can invest in the right applications that will keep hackers at bay. Primarily, practicing healthy and safe internet activities on Facebook will keep you protected. You should also continue to update yourself with the recent activities to get ahead. 


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