Someone trying to Hack Facebook Password ? Get Protected

Few always trying for "How to Hack Facebook" while millions of people log on to Facebook everyday. Some even reportedly log in more than once each day. You should consider the numbers very carefully, since so many unscrupulous individuals are trying to get into your personal account to take advantage. There are several measures that you can practice to protect your Facebook password. You can try simple methods, as well as invest in some programs and available applications. Here are tips.

Rules When Logging In

Whether or not you're using a public or private computer, it is always recommended that you do not check the box that lets the computer remember your password so you do not have to type in again whenever you log in. This is primarily for security purposes, because you will never know who will take advantage of the free entry. You should also consider the people logging into Facebook. You should also log out every time you exit Facebook. This does not only apply to public computers. You are in danger of becoming a victim if someone uses the computer next and logs into your account freely.

Choosing a Facebook Password

You should try as much to use passwords that are very hard to decipher. Never use words that are highly related to you, such as the name of your pet, your home address or vehicle license plate. Hackers will try to guess passwords most of the time, so it will be very easy if you choose simple passwords, such as the word "password", your name or the numbers "12345". You should try to mix up your password into both upper and lower case letters. Add some numbers in between and try to use words that hackers cannot understand. It is also equally important that you change passwords every now and then. It is advised that you change password every month.

Downloading Hacking Software

You can also download a number of applications or programs that will help complicate things for attempting hackers. The software will give you tips and guidelines on how to protect and strengthen your password. It will also rehash the password so that hackers will find it difficult to crack via brute force or within a single session. The software will most likely update itself with the latest defences, depending on the types of attack used by the hacker. You should search for software recommended by Facebook. You will see these available for free, while there are also some that you can easily purchase online.

What Not to Believe

You should also refrain from believing all emails and pop-ups sent to you. These might be attempts by unscrupulous beings who are only after your password. You will be led to a page where they will ask you to re-type and confirm your password to "protect" it from an impending attack. In reality, once you type the password, they will get the information to manipulate your account and get personal information from you. You should just close pop-up windows, since Facebook will usually have an official announcement regarding security measures and how you should deal with these threats.


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