Life in a Digital Prison: Then and Now.

You might have gone through all the changes that have happened in the past several years. Before, we have to devote a lot of time and effort trying to get information and only get limited results. There has been a lot of developments through the years which made life easier and more convenient for people all over the globe. Now, we mainly rely on the internet, with Facebook being at the forefront of our web activities.

Dependency on Digital Life and on Facebook

Years ago, people had to rely on pagers or beepers. These devices allowed them to receive messages from their contacts, although they cannot reply through the gadget. In most cases, the message sender has to call a hotline and talk to an agent through the telephone, so the person can forward the message to the beeper holder. The owner will get to read a text message or have the pager read it for him. The message is only limited to a number of characters as well. This takes a lot of time, but in the past years, has proven to be quite useful. Cellular phones at the time were already available, although these were very expensive and only reserved for a few.

Improved Communications

After a few years, telecommunications companies started to invest and improve the system to make it possible for individuals to use cellular phones and the internet easily. Since the costs are fixed for the networks, they have devised programs and plans according to the usage and needs of their target consumers. Cellular phone users can choose to get plans for a few hundred dollars a month or less. Some plans allowed users to have unlimited text and calls. Text messaging has also become the norm in several countries, forcing pagers and beepers into retirement. You simply had to type in messages on your cellular phone screen and send it to your contact. You can also reply to messages very easily. This improved communication took up less time and effort.

Broadband Power

The internet has been made available to several consumers during the early nineties. This allowed people to communicate and get information through the worldwide web instantly. Some people stopped depending on encyclopedias, newspapers and other sources of information, since the internet proved to be quite efficient in giving them fresh and new details everytime. Students and office workers relied on the internet heavily in acquiring information and new contacts. You can now talk to someone from the other side of the planet without having to pay extra. Applications and programs have been developed to make communication much easier for millions of people across the world. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is one of the latest improvements, wherein people no longer needed direct cables to link to the net.

The Rise of Facebook

Social networking sites have proven to be very effective in helping people find new friends, as well as grow their business online. Facebook is at the top of the list when it comes to social networking. People nowadays rely on the website to get information about other people, as well as get products through the internet. 

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