The Risks of Using a Public Computer

You have come across several warnings regarding the use of public computers. However, you need to take these precautions seriously since too many individuals have ruined their bank accounts and lives by leaving pertinent data that can easily be found by unscrupulous beings. You should always practice safety when using the PC, since keyloggers programs have been shown to easily detect and present all the information you leave on that computer.

About Public Computers

Public computers are described as any computer or laptop that is readily available for anyone to use. These may be available at the mall or your nearest coffee shop. Public computer can also refer to computers inside the house that other members of the household or visitors can easily get access to. You have to understand that safety and security should be your number one priority when it comes to using public computer. Victims usually have their passwords stolen by failing to log out after use or hackers using programs and applications that can note whatever you typed in the password field.

About Keylogging for Hacking Facebook Password

Keyloggers programs initiate the activity by logging or tracking the keys that are struck on a keyboard. The action is also known as keystroke logging. This is done in a secret way so that the computer user is unaware that whatever he types in is not monitored. There are so many keylogging methods used, including acoustic analysis, software and hardware approaches and electromagnetic analysis.

Software Programs

Keyloggers programs are divided mainly into two: software-based and hardware based. The software programs are made to operate on the OS of the computer. The hypervisor-based allow the keylogger to position in a malware hypervisor operating below the OS. Blue Pill is a popular example. The API-based allow keyloggers to hook the keyboard APIs, then the keylogger is notified whenever a key is pressed. Examples include GetForeground Window (). Packet analyzer allows the keylogger to acquire network traffic related with HTTP POST events to get passwords.


These types rely on the hardware in the computer to get pertinent data and information. The firmware-based manages keyboard events that can be adjusted to record the events as these are being processed. You will need root-level access to the computer. The keyboard hardware loggers use a hardware circuit attached within the keyboard of the computer and the computer itself. The two types allow keyboard activity into the internal memory, which can later on be accessed as well. This is acquired by simply typing the secret sequence of keys. Hardware-based keyloggers also do not require a lot of time during installation.

Generally, hardware keyloggers have the edge over software keyloggers, since they do not rely on the installed programs on the target computer's OS. They cannot easily be detected by any kind of software. The only way to detect the hardware-based types is by checking the inline device installed within the computer and the keyboard. These might even be monitored and managed from a remote location using wireless technology.

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