But why do people hack Facebook accounts?

Hacking- Protect your Facebook Account

Intruders are never welcome, especially when they try to violate your privacy. This is what hackers do. They intrude into your privacy illegally, through your computer network. They use their programming abilities to know your vital secrets. It can be your personal life, your bank details, your account passwords, your credit card information, etc. Any detail which, if fallen in the wrong hands can harm you and this is precisely what these hackers aim at. Some do it for the heck of it; some do it for monetary gains, while the others deliberately do it just for the sake of maligning you socially.

There can be many reasons behind this debauchery. But all hackers do not have maligned intentions. In fact since long there has been a controversy over the definition of the true meaning of the word hacker. All those computer security experts who make programs to protect the computers from professional hackers, prefer calling professional “hackers,” “crackers”, who are also referred as computer criminals or ‘black hats’, while the experts are referred to as ‘White hats’.

Besides those hackers, who hack for monetary gains, like stealing your credit card information, or transferring money from various accounts into their personal accounts, there are people who hack social networking sites.  Now why would people want to hack into facebook, twitter or some such accounts? It is either out of some thrill or to malign somebody by writing derogatory stuff on the account owner’s behalf. In the present scenario, Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites with more than 400 million users with new members being added each day. These social networking sites use third party applications, which can be easily installed via interactive game or tool.


As all social networking sites are interactive sites, people who try to hack facebook accounts can have various intentions.


Vengeance- a person jilted in love or dumped by his or her “ex”, has enough driving force to end up hacking the other person’s profile so as to malign or devastate the person in social circles. Professional rivalry can be another cause, where one would want to hack the rival’s social account, and ruin his image.


Suspicion- Lack of mutual trust in relationships leads to suspicion, where either of them would want to know whether or not his or her spouse is two-timing or cheating upon him or her. In such cases an individual would try to hack the other’s account to keep a close watch on the other’s internet activities. Vigilant parents would also like to keep a close watch on their child’s activities, to protect him from prowlers and other cyber threats.


Amusement- Some do it for sheer thrill. As they have nothing better to do, they take it as a challenge and indulge in such past-times. Every success fills them with a sense of achievement, and gradually this innocent pastime, becomes an obsession followed by organized crime.



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  3. Thank you for those tips. I'll use them to make my own account more protected.

  4. This question has worried me for a long time already. Now I know what to do to protect my account.

  5. I am not accustomed to acting as illegal and such vile opportunities to achieve a goal, and that is why I cannot understand why other people are doing it.