Are We Secured in Digital World? How to Protect Your Personal Information Online?

Every day, we face a certain level of risk, whether you are engaging in the real world and in digital world. You just have to take extra precaution so as not to become a victim of any attack. Since the internet has become a big part of our daily life, we have to focus on protecting our personal information and privacy more than ever.
Here are the rules to protect ourselves from hackers and other malicious facebook attacks online:
 1. Limit the information you reveal online. There are certain things you do not say online such as your address, the places where you've been and where you will go, things you do right now, and the information about your family and career.
 2. Know how much information is out there. Google your name and find sites with information regarding you. This way you would know which you can take out and which you can protect.
 3. Do not use the same email, user name and password. Online banking, online shopping and social networking should have individual email, username and password.
 4. Do not reveal your personal details about the person you just "met" online.
 5. Assume that you are being monitored at work. Do not send out information and sensitive files on your home computer.
6. Do not click links from unknown and unsolicited sources.
7. Do not reply to any spam emails for any reason.
8. Learn about web security.
9. Change your password periodically.
10.Examine privacy policies and seals of websites before you register.
11.Know this: http is not secured, https is secured.