Free Hacking Methods: Know the Secret !!

Whether you want to know how hackers do it so that you won't become a victim or you want to become a hacker yourself, here are important information about the latest free hacking methods. You may want to take note.

1. Keylogging. This is the easiest way to hack somebody else's Facebook or email password. A keylogger is basically a program installed on victim's computer that records everything that is typed to the victim's computer. The logs are sent back to the hacker either by and FTP or directly to the hacker's email address.

2. Phishing. This is the most popular among hacking methods. Basically, phishing is creating log in page identical to, say, the Facebook log in page. Once the victim enters his email address and password to the fake log in page, the information will be saved on a text file, which will then be downloaded by the hacker.

3. USB hacking. If the hacker has access to your computer, he will insert a USB with program that has a function to extract saved passwords in your browser.

4. Good old hacking. There is nothing simpler than guessing your victims password the old fashion way. All you need to know are some relevant information about the victim and you can already create sensible password possibilities. You can use related keywords generator to create a list of possible passwords based on the details of the victim. Although it is a trial and error method, it is absolutely free.

There are other hacking methods you can use such as clickjacking, session hijacking, sidejacking, DNS Spoofing, etc.