Mass Facebook Hacking Attempts

Hacking will always be a part of the history of Facebook.

In the beginning, Mark Zuckerberg, a self proclaim "hacker" penetrated the Harvard student database. But then, for the Facebook CEO, the term means something different from what most people understand.

In November 2011, Facebook users had experienced a massive spamming on their news feeds. This recent influx of porn and graphic and disturbing images was a result of a virus. Facebook was first silent about the issue as they were working out to patch the security breach. As the virus spread out across different users in different countries, Facebook had spoken out and assured its user that their main priority was to protect users from malicious content.

The problem with this mass hacking is that images are not just simple average Playboy pictures, but disturbing images of child pornography, sex and violence.

It was believed that the virus was caused by "clickjacking" or a way where users click their friend's news feed and thus, sharing it in their own feed.  Some speculators pointed the group Anonymous as the source of the virus.

Recently, several news reports again revealed that a group of "hackevists" called, Anonymous will attack Facebook on January 28. There was even a YouTube video threatening the site as well as inviting people to join their cause. News spread wide. It was even picked up by large news agencies. However, the group Anonymous denied their involvement in the plan and said that it was just another media ploy. On January 28, Facebook was not hacked.