Phishing: The Most Used Facebook Hacking Technology

There are hacking tools you can use for free. Some are readily downloadable online while some has to originate from your brain. Regardless, hacking technology has to be used carefully. One of the most popular is phishing.

Phishing is the most popular technology to hack Facebook password. The idea is simple: you (as hacker) will send your target a link. When your target clicks this link, it directs him to a fake website that looks strikingly similar to the real Facebook log in page. When your target enters his Facebook log in details, you already capture his password. Your target will then be redirected to the real Facebook log in page. If you have an unsuspecting subject, you can hack his Facebook account in no time, but for those who make it a point to look at their address bar, they can detect phishing easily since you are using a different address. Phishing doesn't limit to getting Facebook password. It is also a common technology used to mimic credit card companies, banks and even online giants such as eBay and Amazon.

Here's how phishing works:

1. A phisher decides which website to mimic and determines how to get the email addresses of its customers or users. A phisher utilizes address collection and mass mailing techniques.
2. Once a phisher determines his target, he now distributes his message and link, usually through email.
3. For people to open the message and click on the link, the phony email has to look legitimate.
4. Once the message is opened and the link is clicked, the phisher collects password from its victims.
5. Now, the phisher can already log in to the victims' accounts