Post IPO: How Facebook is Now More Concern About Security?

Have you heard about the rumors that Facebook will shut down on March 12 this year? The source article stated that Mark Zuckerberg apparently got tired and that managing the site has become stressful. Sad to say, lots of people believe this without even verifying what they read. Well, if you read the news lately, Facebook filed for an initial public offering. Yes, Facebook is here to stay.

I think the relevant question now is not whether or not we should buy some stock, but how will the site face the concern of its users regarding security?

The site has been heavily criticized in the past about its lack of security measures. At one point, it was even hacked. But Facebook security and privacy features have always been adaptive to whatever the need that arise. Facebook continuously addresses matters regarding security of its users by implementing new features, but unfortunately, still leaving out some level of vulnerability. Last year, Facebook rolled up several security features to take up some issues by giving its users control via drop down menu, in line with the post, photos and tags. Facebook also gives the users control over whatever photos that will be tag to them, preventing people to tag you without your permission. You can now approve or reject photos and even block people who tag you. These among other update has been existing for quite a while.

Now that the site goes public the issue of security remains one of the top priorities. Facebook states that they have an entire team dedicated to guarantee safety and privacy. In fact, their best engineers are working exclusively in creating secure and safe Facebook environment. This may be enough to appease its more than 800 million users.