Recent Facebook Security Protection Implementations

If you have an online banking or an online shopping account, you are familiar a small "lock" icon appearing beside the URL at the address bar or that the URL is highlighted green. This indicates that the browser you is using a secured connection (HTTPS). This ensures you that whatever information you are sharing stays within the site and remains private. This is the latest among so many Facebook security protections that are being implemented in response to heavy criticism against the security of the site.

ebook experience will definitely improve because of this change. You can now freely use Facebook without thinking of any security threat, especially if you commonly use Facebook from different public access points such as in coffee shops, airports, schools and libraries. This option can be found in the "Advance Security" area of the Account Settings page.

However, Facebook users are still not completely safe as some people continuously look for ways to get into your account and phish for information. The latest mass hacking some months ago showed how much some people will try to get into your system. Users experienced mass facebook spamming on their profiles showing violence, child pornography and graphic images. This large-scale hacking promoted Facebook with yet another improvement in their security.

But history tells us that updates will still rely on whatever need that arise. Although Facebook has an entire team of engineers to guarantee safety and security for all Facebook users, it is not known when will be the next security breach. Hopefully, Facebook has already set up impenetrable walls to protect their users.