Top 10 Reasons for Hacking a Facebook Account

Why do some people love to hack somebody else's Facebook account? Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Monitor children activities. Obviously, parents can do this, but there are other people who will be interested in Facebook accounts of kids such as pedophiles and child molesters.

2. Suspicion of cheating. People who want to the see Facebook activities and messages of their partners try to access their accounts.

3. Take revenge. Since Facebook is a public space, getting into somebody else's account for malicious purposes can be sweet revenge.

4. Curiosity. There are people who just want to access somebody else's Facebook account just to see photos, chat messages and other activities.

5. Practical joke. People often hack into their friend's to post some unlikely message on their walls. You might have seen a straight guy friend with a wall message, "I'm gay!" or something similar.

6. Elicit information. Facebook allows users to hide some personal information to certain people. Those who want to get it often resort to hacking.

7. Access pictures. Facebook security allows photos to be limited to a group of people. If one wants to access it, he or she can hack into this account.

8. Delete account. Well, people who are just plain angry can access somebody else's Facebook account and delete it.

9. Check on their ex's account. People who haven't moved on do this to see what their ex has been up to after the breakup.

10. Recovery of lost facebook password. If you can call guessing your own Facebook account as hacking, this is it. Sometimes you just forgot what your password is and you try to hack into your own account… happens all the time.