The Different Faces of Hackers

You may not know it, but you might be one of the millions being targeted by hackers. It's not who or what you are, it's just that you are at the wrong social network at the wrong time. You see, being in Facebook, or any other social network site is exposing yourself to these unscrupulous people in the web. Chances are your information will be used to trick other people. Your account may be used to break into another data base of people information by getting the list of your friends in the site. For this reason, most social network and mailing sites require you to change passwords often. For your information safety's sake, it is highly recommended that you keep yourself from clicking any links forwarded to you but always use the original site url in logging into your account.

But you have to be wary in opening your account, especially if you have very personal information in it, in shared computers and cafes—yes, even in the office. There's another way of hacking your account and this time, the hacker doesn't even need to go through the difficulty of creating a Phisher account. All it takes is a Keylogger, either a software or hardware, to take every one of your precious information. If it is software, the hacker will install it in the computer and once you log-in to your account, it will work like a spy—stealing your details while they are on their way to the account server. These details will then be sent to the hacker's account via the software manufacturer's site. This is very dangerous as all your information is not guaranteed to be just for use of the hacker but being in the database of another website that maybe a better hacker can steal from. Worst, the site may just be worst than your hacker and try to steal all the hacked accounts in their data base. On the other hand, if the computer owner is using a keyloggger that's hardware-based, you are again in danger. Only this time, not only your log-in information are in danger of being hacked but every bit of detail you input the computer. This type is the favorite of parents who are on the lookout for what their kids do in their computers.

Phishing or Keylogging, both are hacking means that risks everyone's vital information online. They may be bad or good, depending on the purpose why they are being used. If it's for the mere safety and security of the computer or the people using a computer, then there's nothing to worry about. But if it's for curiosity purposes, then it must be avoided for your safety.


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