Hacking Tools - Phishing, Keylogging, Cookie Stealing & Social Engineering

Did you know that owning an account in Facebook or any other social networking site is exposing your information to hackers? Yes, you are. You might wonder why people would do this. They do because hacking is not as bad as people think. It is in fact useful and helpful for those who have relationship problems such as a better half having trust issues with the spouse or live-in friend or a mother worried of his son's or daughter's activities. Now, if you find yourself in the same position, you might want to try and hack your shared computers at home. You can choose from one of these methods:

1. Phishing - This is basically tricking a victim into logging-in to a Phisher or a copycat log-in site to infiltrate a victim's log-in information. Due to its nature, it is the riskiest type of hacking an account. It is also the most difficult as it requires a lot of computer-issue knowledge.

2. Keylogging - Keylogging is as simple as tracking a user's inputs in a computer. It can be in the form of software or hardware. If it is a hardware-based keylogging device, it will be installed in the computer's hardware. It will track and probably store screenshots of the user's messages and information as backup. If it is a software, the hacker will get access to the account's information by logging-in himself into the software manufacturer's site

3. Cookie Stealing - This is a less known means of stealing account information, but is easy. All you need is firesheep software and a wireless internet device such as laptop. Here, the hacker will capture your password as it travels through a busy wi-fi network. A Mozilla Firefox extension, the firesheep, is where it originated and is also making http session hijacking or stealing of all types easier.

4. Social Engineering - This hacking means is a lot less known hacking means due to the level of difficulty it is characterized with. In this type of hacking procedure, the hacker needs a lot of information to get into the victim's information. The hacker also needs partial personal details from the victim such as birthday, mobile number, favorites, and so on. A good example on this is the 'Lost Password' scheme that almost all social networking like Facebook uses as support for their users.

 Judging from these hacking methods, you can make a choice on which will best benefit your recent need. But if you are living with the person you are going to hack, you can try installing keylogger software or hardware in your shared computers. This is less risky and very user-friendly. It is also the best choice for parents who are trying to monitor their kid's extracurricular activities.


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