KeyLogging: Hack for Free!

Hacking is one of the primary problems of many social networking sites, including the world's most trusted Facebook. It is a means of extracting private and sometimes, very personal information with the use of acquired technical knowledge or with the help of some spy software. But hacking is not at all bad, depending on the intention of the hacker. Though admittedly, it is one of those words that have bad connotations.

There are a number of reasons why a person should or must hack an account. If it is his account, then it's basically for the purpose of reinstating his log-in details. This really happens, especially if the Facebook account had not been used for a long time. Or it may be for the simple reason that the hacker totally forgot about his own password or username. Other than this, hacking may be used for curiosity reasons or worst, for stealing log-in information of other people.

Like the many purposes of hacking, there are also numerous means of hacking a Facebook account. One of this is with the help of spy software or hardware, either paid or free. One example on these is the Keylogger Hacking Tool. A Keylogger may be in software or hardware form. It works basically to track or keep a log of the keys being pressed in a computer. There are different keylogger devices, software, or hardware a hacker can choose from. It is also the best choice for parents trying to keep track on what their kids are trying to open and subscribe to. This means has been also the more famous choice of hackers, simply because it is the easiest method one can use to hack a Facebook account—and one can use it for free!

But there is another free hacking means designed for the more techy hackers, and it is also for free. This is known as Phishing. A message that contains links taking the receiver to another log-in page is what it is. In a layman's, it is the art of tricking people to hand over their precious log-in information without asking them to. Phishing is laborious, though, but it can be fruitful as a hacker can simply create one Phisher account and blast-e-mail.

In the process, the hacker will have to sign up for a webhosting service, and replace the index.htm of the Facebook account with the index.htm file in the Phishing account's folder. Then, there's another file in the folder with the name write.php which you need to upload in the htdocs of the account. The result must be a log-in page that is a spitting duplicate of Facebook's. Copy the url of your homepage-turned-facebook login page and sent it with a really persuading intro to your prospects.


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