What Hacking Tools to Use

Since the World Wide Web (www) became popular, everything become so easy—even with hacking accounts in most social networking sites like Facebook. And there are a lot of choices of tools you can use in doing so: Phishing, software and hardware spy devices, social engineering, http session hijacking, and revealing remembered password via browsers. With all these, it is best that an account be very wary with everything he clicks or trust in the web.

The five classifications of hacking tools and means are basically divided into two categories—paid and free. Paid hacking means include some software and hardware that needs to be bought from their manufacturers or suppliers. The good thing about paid hacking software or hardware is their reliability in doing the task. These paid tools and devices will also keep from prompting a 'hack alert' message brandishing the possibility of a possible second party receiving inputs and updates from the account, which is very famous in most free 'security' software. Nevertheless, these software and hardware spy tools or devices are also very user-friendly. They can be directly installed into the computer and will run every time a user logs-in or uses the computer. All information will be sent to a database, which is owned by the hacker in the site of his bought software site. This is where he will get the information he needs to trick other people, usually your own friends.

Free software and hardware hacking devices are also available, but they are more user-friendly to account users than the hackers. These devices usually flash around notices and warnings that the account is vulnerable to hacking. It is only if the user consent to its term of use that it will continue doing its monitoring task. If the user chooses not to go on, the software or hardware will not continue tracking the user's activities. Thus, the hacker will not have any access to the important information of that user. Usually, these types of hacking devices are found installed in net cafe, office, and even personal computers. Other than installable software and hardware devices, Phishing, social engineering, and http session hijacking are free hacking techniques as well. One thing that is common to all these methods is the level of difficulty on their use. Phishing, for example, will require the hacker to sign-up for a sub domain in a trusty webhosting service. The hacker also needs to alter this site so as to create a spitting image of the log-in page of the social site he is trying to copy. The risk is that this copycat site will have an additional name in the url than that of the original site, say http://gofacebook.com/login/ than just simply http://facebook.com/login/.


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