Easy Trick for Hacking Your Friend’s Facebook Account

A lot of people have been going on about hacking Facebook accounts. Many think it is necessary to have extensive knowledge on HTML coding as with IT professionals. Others go so far as learn about social engineering, cookie stealing, keylogging and phishing. These are very common hacking methods but some do not work as well as they did before anymore.

To the average individuals, hacking accounts is difficult. Facebook has now started shelling out funds to improve their security systems and further guarantee user information safety. The new password recovery feature was their latest call. Despite the continuous struggle though, this newly developed security system was still found to have some loopholes. These security holes are what a lot of users are now taking advantage of to gain control of other people’s accounts.

If there are some important things you want to access in your friend’s account or if you’re simply thinking of doing a prank, then you might want to consider this simple hacking trick.

  1. Create three fake Facebook accounts and have your target accept the friend requests from these accounts.
  1. In the main log in page, click the “Forgot Your Password?” option.
  1. You will be asked two things afterwards:
a.    Email, phone or Facebook username
b.    Your name and one friend’s name
Make sure that you know these details and fill up the spaces.

  1. You will then be asked how you want to have your password reset, whether through email or text. Discard the options and instead choose the “No longer have access to these” option below.
  1. Enter your new email address.
  1. You will have to answer a security question next. It would be great if you know the correct response but if not, simply fill in with incorrect answers three times.
  1. Because you incorrectly answered, Facebook security will proceed on to the recovery feature using trusted friends. You will be asked to pick 3 friends from the friend list. Select the 3 fake accounts that you made.
  1. Your fake accounts will then be sent security codes. Enter one when required for password resetting.
  1. Open your new email and obtain the new password.

There are also other people who will opt to make use of popular hacking tools. Among the most recent and popular ones available are Revealer Keylogger which can monitor keystrokes on systems, and Facebook Password Recovery which can retrieve Facebook passwords and other account information. For the latter, you will have to access the victim’s account using his PC though.

Hacking your friend’s Facebook account may not be as legally risky as hacking Swedish state agencies which Gottfrid Svartholm, founder of The Pirate Bay, just recently did. However, if you deem it will cause a huge uproar, then you might want to put it off or perhaps, do it to someone else.  


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