New Facebook Hacking Technology: Facebook Password Hacker v.3.5

Hacking Facebook accounts has become rather popular along the years. There are many reasons for why people often resort to the act. It could be that they simply have forgotten their passwords or perhaps, they wanted to check the online activities of their partners and kids. Others have more malicious reasons though, as with taking revenge on certain people or playing pranks on friends and colleagues.

There are also a lot of methods for hacking Facebook accounts. The easiest is keylogging. Other people consider phishing, DNS spoofing, session hijacking, and social engineering. However, these methods require a certain level of hacking skills which not all people have.

This is mainly why many companies and hackers have developed software technologies that make hacking profiles much easier. One of the latest software available is the Facebook Password Hacker version 3.5.

What is FacebookPassword Hacker v.3.5?

The Facebook Password Hacker is a type of multi-functional hacking software that can be used to hack Facebook account passwords. Users only need to run this software and it will automatically retrieve the password information desired. Yes, it has become that easy to retrieve and access Facebook accounts.

This software program has been designed to help individuals who have troubles accessing Facebook accounts. All they really need to secure is the Facebook ID or the email address of their target profiles.


  • Price: $39.00
  • OS: Vista 7 and 8, XP, Mac
  • File: 7.83 MB, MSI
  • Version: 3.5
Why Should I Pay for this Hacking Software?

There are indeed many sites that offer hacking services for free but it is important to note that a huge number of these are frauds. Usually, when downloading programs, users are not protected by any password.

This makes their computers susceptible to infections. ‘Black hackers’ take advantage of this and build their botnets, a collective network of infected computer units, which can be programmed to perform tasks from retrieving private user data to attacking other people’s websites with DDos.

It could bring great benefits to avoid downloading free programs as much as possible. In case these have already been installed in computers though, owners might want to check for malicious activities with their Antivirus or uninstall the shady system.

Ethical Hacking

It is not surprising to encounter people who have negative reasons for delving into the act of hacking. Most of us might simply be curious as to what our husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons and daughters are doing over the internet. But there will always be others who will hack for law breaking purposes.

It is important to know that using the Facebook Hacker v.3.5 software for illegal business will most likely entail negative consequences. Everyone should exercise responsibility for their actions, especially when hacking.


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