Other Techniques - DNS Spoofing & Botnets

With more than 800 million ‘Facebookers ’ actively connecting online, anyone can be targeted by hackers. However, users themselves can become hackers as well for common reasons such as suspicion of a cheating partner, monitoring children, revenge, or recovery of a hacked account.
There are several ways to hack somebody’s Facebook account. Four of the most common methods are phishing, keylogging, social engineering, and cookie stealing. Although these techniques proved to be very effective, there are also other ways to gain access to Facebook accounts. Here are some of them:
Many users, approximately around 80%, tend to store their passwords in their browser so that they can easily log in to their account. Although convenient, this behaviour can also be very useful for hackers to get into the victim’s profile. Stealers are programs made to catch saved passwords in the browser.
Even from anywhere, the hacker can easily steal secret codes from the computer whether the victim is using Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and most types of Messengers. It can even steal product keys or bank accounts if the hacker intends to. The bad news (and the good news), is that people can download it online for a good amount.
Sidejacking with Firesheep
Although this technique only became popular in 2010, many are still using it for their own purpose. However, this method only works when both victim and hacker is on the same Wifi roof. Hence, targets are mostly Wifi users around the area. Through Firesheep, the hacker can control any account even without knowing the password, username, and other log in keys of the target site profile.
DNS Spoofing
This can be carried out if both user and hacker are on the same network. What it does is that the attacker changes the Facebook log in page into his or her own page. Victims can never tell the fake from the original as the hacker’s page looks perfectly similar to Facebook’s homepage. The data is introduced into the server’s cache database, which diverts traffic to the attacker’s computer and causes name server to return a fake IP address.
This is very similar to keylogging, but more sophisticated as it can provide the attacker with additional options in hacking compromised computers. However, this technique is more expensive than other methods and rarely being used to access Facebook accounts.
Mobile Phone Hacking
Smartphones are not safe as well since a lot of software is designed to get into the social networking site accounts. Attackers can gain access to the victim’s mobile phones through android apps and other software programs.
These are just some of the choices that you can make for your own end. However, each technique has its own limitation. Make sure to use them appropriately based on your need.

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